Address Book P01012-Does your company have a master data policy for entries


Hello All!

I am new to this forum, and also new to my position in the company.

I am looking to make some contacts with other that have already done what I am being tasked to do, which is create a master data policy for address book entries.

Anyone who is willing to talk with me and school me on the way their company handles this transaction would be more than welcome!

Thank you in advance!:)

Master Data Controller-
Amalgamated Sugar Co.


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Hi Adam,
I think the first thing to do is gather your company's requirements. For example:
* What are the segregation of duties risks you want to mitigate? (e.g. Maybe you don't want people adding address book records and paying AP invoices)
* What data is OK for certain roles to change? (e.g. Maybe it's OK to have your credit department changing credit limits, but not adding new suppliers)
* What E1 security roles do you have, and what does each role allow the user to do? (e.g. Do they align with the previous points?)
* How are AB entries created? (e.g. Always directly in E1, or do you have interfaces too?)
* What auditing is necessary? (e.g. Do you need to have before/after records showing who changed what when?)
* Do you have published definitions of how to use each field? (e.g. search type, category codes)

Hope this helps!