E9.2 Address Book Error on Transfer Odrers


I'm getting error msg 0037 in (Order Acceptance (P452332) when entering a Transfer Order. The From and To B/P's are set up identically and transferring from B/P A to B/P B works fine but from B/P B to B/P A gives me the error '0037' Invalid Address Book Number. I think this could be a setup issue. I'm attaching the error message. If I accept the order despite the error I get a blank from address on the BOL. I also have a blank ORGN field in my Shipment file.

Has anyone seen this error before?



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Hi there, not sure exactly what's wrong, but I would be checking...
1. The Address Book #'s in the F0006 BU Master and the F41001 B/P Constants for both B/P's A & B are correct
2. Customer Master for Address Book against B/P A
3. Supplier Master for Address Book against B/P B
4. Who's who record for both Address Books

Suspect the F0006 for B/P B based on blank origin in Shipment