Adding text attachments to BOM's


Adding text attachments to BOM\'s

I am experiencing a puzzling situation in our NT/OW/Oracle instance.
We have users in two locations, remotely connected to the Dep/Ent/Term servers at a third location. At one location users can connect to the Terminal Server through a Citrix connection to add text attachments to a Bill of Material with no troubles. Attachments on the fat client works as well.
At the other location, users connecting to a distant terminal server through a Citrix connection cannot add a text attachment to a Bill of Material (the option is shaded/disabled). When they use a local fat client they can add the text attachment however.

Any advice on where to proceed with this issue would be really great!



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Re: Adding text attachments to BOM\'s

Hi Andy

I had the exact same thing happen this summer. I logged a call with JDE and they in turn had contacted MS about this. The answer that I got back as probable registry corruption. But no details as to what it was. JDE recommended a complete reinstall of the OS and Citrix software.

I did the reinstall and everything has been ok since. Still don't know what caused the problem.

Have fun.

Prod: XE Update1 SP15, oneoffs, ES/DS:NT4 SP6a, Oracle, FAT(W2K SP1), Citrix XP(W2K SP1)


Re: Adding text attachments to BOM\'s

The issue is solved. I went to the wtsrv/system32 folder on the terminal servers and right clicked, chose Properties tab, Security tab, and clicked Permissions. I changed the "everyone" group to full rights, then changed it back to Read and Execute. This reapplied the security permissions to all of the files in the directory, basically resetting the registry. Hope this helps someone else.