Adding OPDJ and URDT to P4210 W4210A



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Hi guys,

I am trying to give the users here the ability to amand the above 2 fields in E1 for SOs

It has been suggested I open up these fields on W4210A

Now both fields are in the BSVW and that's fine, but I then need to plug them into the various caching BSFNs that govern the edit line and Pre Process Edit Line

Has anyone done this or something similar at the their site please?

If so, how exactly did you do it? What BSFNs/events did you target?

Many thanks


I worked something similar but dont remember insights. If my memory serves still, OPDJ is not available in either editline/ pre-process functions. This field set by logic in editlint with first requested date (or Promised date). And i doubt URDT availability either as this is a user field.

if you dont find them in edit line/ Pre process edit line and if you are using Cache as storage; then create a custom cache update function to update OPDJ and URDT and call this function after editline. I am not sure what date system will consider if you override OPDJ in the cache.

If you are using work file, then you can do table IO update after edit line.

P.S dont use work file concept for real use