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Adding Font for Report

Hello everyone, I'm new to the JDE world but have been a SysAdmin for quite a while. (I'm filling a void at my company after someone has left). I'm not very familiar with the application or its backend, but I'm learning as I go and have some training scheduled for March 2015.

Now that that's out of the way, one of our developers is requesting that a font be added that contains our various companies' logos. I've searched the forums, and it looks like this is a valid request as others seem to be doing it, but I haven't seen any instructions on how to go about adding the font. I'm not sure if I simply add the font to Windows (doubtful), do I throw it in the font folder below AppServer\java\jre\lib? Does it go somewhere on the AS400?

What exactly are the steps I need to take to get this done for our dev?

Here's a bit about our environment:
IBM HTTP Server 7.0
WebSphere 6.1 running on Windows Server 2008 R2
JDE 9.0/Tools 8.98

Thanks in advance for any help! I look forward to adding JDE things to my skillset.