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Adding data elements


I have custom file on our system that integrates into the JDE AP system.
This file is old and huge and has many custom programs using it. My issue
is, about half of the data elements are in the JDE data dictionary. My only
option is to add these new elements to the data dictionary. I will not be
able to begin with a $ They do have a uniform two position prefix on each
field. I am wondering what my issues are adding elements to the data
dictionary that don't have a $ in the 3rd position like they recommend. I
think one issue is on future versions of the software overlaying one of
these added elements. Validation will have to be done before updating the
data dictionary. The other is a performance issue, running the rebuild for
whatever each of the 3rd position of the field starts with. I think that
covers it.
Any feedback will be appreciated.


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According to my notes from the APCS class the custom data dictionary items
can start with either a $ or @ sign. If you have used up all of the $
items, maybe you can use the @ sign. I just had to add a import file from
another system that had 251 fields and had to use $001 through $251 so that
may be a way to go also.

Doug Belcher
KV Pharmaceutical
St Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer


Doug Belcher
St Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer


Thanks, I understand that. What I am saying is a field is called AGLNE from
a custom file that interfaces to our G/L system needs to be added into the
Data Dictionary as is. Add element LNE because this file with other fields
that don't exist in the Data Dictionary has been around on our system for a
long time and many programs that are non JDE are using these fields so it
wouldn't be good to have to change the fields in the file to follow the JDE
naming conventions. It would be easier to just add the LNE, CHK# and about a
dozen other fields to the DD as is and just maintain when upgrading so that
they don't get overlaid possibly. I am wondering if for this scenario is
there any other considerations that I may have overlooked.

In addition, Data Dictionary items can begin with the
'#' character.

Please note that naming fields with a $ or # in the
Data Dictionary name is a JDE convention (that
everyone ought to follow), but it is not a

Your program will compile and operate just fine even
if you do not name the new fields with a '$' or '#' in
the first position. You will just cause confusion for
programmers and analysts later on who can't
differentiate the custom from the vanilla.

Also, from what you wrote, you may have a wrong
impression about the location of the $ in a field

THe DD item should begin with the '$' or '#', but that
is just the 4 char Data Dictionary item.

In an actual AS/400 database file, there will be a 2
character prefix in front of that, resulting in a 6
character field name. So the '$' or '#' ot whatever
you use will actually be in position 3 of the database
field name when referring to a file or a program.

SD$001 where $001 is the DD item you added and "SD" is
the prefix for all fields in the Sales Detail file.



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