E9.2 Adding custom columns as data dictionary fields to grids



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Hi all

We will e upgrading from 9.0 to 9.2 soon and I am looking at ways to reduce the number of retrofitted objects by using 9.2 form extensibility / extensions.
So custom row exits etc, great, but does anyone know how to add custom columns to the grid?

We have a few columns added to forms that are not in the BSVW nor are they associated descriptions.

A way around this would be to change the UDC override on a grid column and use associated descriptions. So can we do either of these options in 9.2?


Sorry. Just found this :)

You can use form extensibility to:

  • Add available (unused) business view columns as additional form controls.
  • (Release Add available (unused) table columns associated with a business view as additional form controls.
  • (Release Associate orchestrations with events, thereby enabling the system to invoke orchestrations from form or control events.
  • (Release Add new web buttons.
  • (Release Hide, unhide, rename, and reset form controls.
  • (Release Add new form and row exits, and associate a form interconnection with the new form and row exits.
  • (Release 9.2.5) Mark a field as required.
  • (Release 9.2.5) Add hidden business view columns to the grid.
  • (Release Associate a description with a text field.
  • (Release 9.2.6) Disable form controls, set the number of grid records in a form, associate a description with a grid column, and enable grid columns.