E9.1 Adding a Detached Adjustment


Hi All,

We are developing integrations into EnterpriseOne, utilising third party software to facilitate the calling of the required BSFN's. Currently I am successfully creating Sales Orders using the B4200310 MBF with successful calls to the F4211FSBeginDoc, F4211FSEditLine, F4211FSEndDoc and F4211ClearWorkFile functions. However we wish to have the ability to apply a detached adjustment to the individual order lines to have the ability to match pricing to the source systems that original order are created in, whilst still maintaining the correct price build up that is lost when performing price overrides. Whilst the F4211FSEditLine does contain a parameter for DpmnDomesticDetachedAdj, populating this does not impact the order line pricing history and the mechanism of matching this to a specific pricing adjustment definition or pricing history sequence is not clear. Creating a Detached Adjustment and associating it with a schedule makes the adjustment appear on every line of the order (set to zero value by default), which also isn't desirable, but could lead to the ability to alter the value later, if required.

Do we need to separately call other BSFN 's like the F4074PriceAdjustmentLedgerServer and/or CalculateandSumAdjustments which could lead us down a big rabbit burrow? If so, where would this call need to sit - assuming after the EditLine, but prior to the EndDoc?

To be clear we are effectively a no-mods house, so all this needs to be performed with core JDE setup and program versions utilised by the calls.

Thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.