E9.1 Add PA8 to P43214 Inquiry


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Hi All,

We had a request to add the Parent number to the P43214 inquiry and be able to search and pull back AN8 for associated PA8 (Parent). Issue is that the F43121 (or the associated BV) does not have the PA8 as a field. I've tried a Set Selection in the Find button and a few other things, but nothing seems to work, what I mean by working is that it just spins and spins with no results returned or returned within a reasonable time.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,
Hi Frank,

Assuming that P43214 is a traditional find/browse screen and the field you want isn't in the business view, you are faced with a couple of choices (in my opinion, I love when someone smarter than me pipes up with a better solution), none of which are very easy.

1) Add the field to the business view. This can get crazy, you should not modify base objs if at all possible so this might mean making a copy of P43214 to P5543214 for instance, copying the underlying business view V5543121A, adding the field to that business view, and then switching the business view out on the P5543214 screen. When you do this you may find a number of issues, things come unmapped all the way throughout the event rule logic, etc. It's a pain. Not to mention that if/when you take upgrades or ESUs that include that program, you should repeat this process each time-- which means that you should document each individual thing you do to modify your 55 version so that you can repeat it on updates.

2) Change the event rule logic around the Grid Record Fetched rule, and add a lookup to F43121.Pa8 to see if it matches with the filter field you added to the form. If it doesn't match, suppress the grid record. This adds overhead to each record found in the grid and would make any "open" queries much much slower.

Best of luck!
Thank you for the reply. I went with option 2 or a hybrid of it. My predecessor was going to alter the base V43121A. I wasn’t to crazy about that.

Thanks again,
I've circled back to this project....if only the F43121 had the PA8, this would be a non-issue. I've dabbled with adding the F0150 to the business view just for testing purposes, but I don't think that would work either, I don't think the join would allow for proper selection when entering the PA8 and not entering. The Grid Record Fetched and a look up to the F0150 adds way too much overhead.

Not sure what other options if any would work. Any other ideas?

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