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I read a previous post about adding the current “Login Environment” to the “E1 Web Portal” page (In the attachment on the previous post, the "Login Environment" is added below the “Fast Path:” entry and above the “Roles:” entry on the menu); however, I’ve never found any details on how you would actually implement this change. I’ve looked at several of the HTML, JSP and CSS files without much luck. I’ve been able to modify the appearance and update the images by changing the properties of the classes defined in the webguistylesheet.jsp file; however, I can’t seem to find where I would add/update the code to include the “Login Environment” on the “E1 Web Portal” page. Any thoughts?

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I usually add highly visible cues to each environment so that they can't mistake it. For instance, I change the color of the top blue bars going across the screen, and the logo on the login page.

The code you are refering too is referenced in that thread. It is in the July/August 2007 issue of JDETips. If you are not a current subscriber, I believe you can request one issue or article for free as an enticement. I believe the cost is well worth it, and several writers for JDETips prowl around these forums.

Full disclosure: my company subscribes, and we have written for them in the past.

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One thing that you may want to be aware of is that, once you change something in UI, you will need to be sure to repeat those changes after a Tools Release upgrade.

In one of our Tools Release upgrades I opened the environment with the new TR to users before I made the UI change and they were a little confused. So, if you change it, you may want to document what you did and put it in your upgrade procedures.

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Thanks for your responses...I like the idea of adding the environment to the company image displayed at the top of the screen. I’ll also keep that in mind regarding tools releases affecting the UI.

Thanks Again!