ActivEra Exployer vs OneWorld Exployer


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My company is in the process of doing implementation for Xe, running Service
13, and I'm looking for pros and cons of using the JDEdwards ActivEra
Exployer vs the Standard JDEdwards OneWorld Exployer.

1. Where can I go to find information about the difference in user roles,
and what extra is required to use ActivEra?

2. Which are you using?

Thanks for any information you all could give us.

Joy Fernandez
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There is documentation on ActivEra Solution Explorer/ActivEra Portal on the documentation CD for Xe. See Foundation and Solution Accelerator Suite. There is other doco, but I'm not sure where to find it.

From what I have learned, JDE may be eventually replacing the typical OneWorld Explorer interface with the Solution Explorer(SE) interface. This was something I heard from a consultant and this is what JDE had on display at all of their kiosk's at Focus 2000. Also, the SE interface has a similar counterpart web client called the ActivEra Portal.

rumors, hints, and allegations?

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To me this is a hands down answer - OneWorld Explorer for now. The ActivEra
Explorer, although promising is not all there yet. There have been several
issues and problems relating to it on Xe (look at a service pack for all the
related SAR's). The ActivEra Explorer is meant to actually replace the users
desktop and Internet Explorer. The ActivEra Solution Explorer is 'service'
and 'tasks' driven. I consider this the Microsoft mentality as it ask 'What
do you want to do today?'. Although there's nothing wrong with this there's
simply not enough default configuration to support a 'service' or 'task'
based user interface. Eventually there will be no more OneWorld explorer and
everything will be through Solution Explorer.

The down fall with OneWorld Explorer is that you actually have to know what
it is you want to do and where to do it. If you want to add a user then you
need to know all the steps involved - Solution Explorer walks you through
the steps that would be done in 80% of installs. OneWorld Explorer allows
you to get to the guts of what you actually want to do.

If anyone out there is using ActivEra Solution Explorer or ActivEra
Implementation Activators I'd love to hear about your trials and
tribulations and success.


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