Active user report

Apologies if I have chosen the wrong category to ask this question, I am very new to JDE and sql reporting.
In order to tighten security we need to run a report that will provide a list of all active user accounts with the address number - we can then use this list to update the password change frequency and number of failed logon attempts.
I have produced a report that brings back most of the info we require but have not found the table which holds the address number - please can you help?
Many thanks


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F0101 is the source of the AB number. Login history will tell you how active a user is (requires enablement on the server INI file), but without a good report to tell you the last time a user logged in, you are left with exporting the data and doing analysis on the export.

Why not just update all user accounts to the correct values for password change frequency, login attempts and allowed changes per day (so the user doesn't change the password 10 times in a row to get back to the original). Don't forget to change the global password policy settings to ensure minimum password complexity ( require letters, numbers, and special characters)?