Activating Multi Currency in a Non Currency environment - E1 9.1



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Hi - I am interested to speak with anyone who has activated multi currency from non multi currency settings. We are planning to do this and would like to talk about the order of steps, running of various conversion programs, repost of account balances and just any general issues that might have been encountered, or avoided in early planning / detection. Please feel free to call or write and we can set a time to speak at your convenience. Thank you and looking forward to connecting on this interesting topic. Your advice is greatly appreciated, and the favor will gladly be returned.

Al Marmero
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It's been a number of years since I've done this. I think it was OW B7333, that's how long! I distinctly remember one issue we had to fix via SQL: All records must have a blank currency code prior to running the Load Domestic Currency code program. I did a quick query on this forum and someone said the same thing. Otherwise, just get the latest whitepapers, and the Multi-currency manual and follow the instructions to the "T". And of course, test, test, test. Give yourself plenty of time to do this project.
Thank you Alex very much. My research has shown exactly as you stated.......all records pre-conversion MUST have a *blank currency code. If you or anyone else recalls anything else, please feel free to reach out, I appreciate it.

Thanks again. Al
If you have a JDEtips subscription, you may want to search their library. They have several articles on multi-currency that might be of interest.
UPDATE: So far the activation of multi currency has been very successful. All of the Load Domestic Currency Code programs have populated the CRCD, etc. as expected. I did find that some of the Load programs are not apparent, such as the R12808 for Fixed Assets. Question: Does anyone have a full list of JDE-provided "load" UBEs? Otherwise I suspect I may have to SQL update CRCD in some of the tables where I cannot find a Load UBE, such as for the 42119 and 42199. Thanks for any info.
UPDATE: 3/8/18--I did learn that the CRCD column must be populated with the company domestic currency code in every table that contains records. Since CRCD is present in 304 E1 tables and Oracle only supplies 10 conversions utilities, I am going to write the needed utility and make this process much easier at the outset for the future.

Thanks again to those who contributed input.

Al Marmero
UPDATE - 3/12/18 - Just an fyi - Did some further research and found that 9.1 contains CRCD in 594 tables (not 304 as previously reported in Oracle documentation). So the query that I am creating will be very valuable.