Acrobat - Out Of Memory


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We have recently configured 5 units of NT 4.0 workstations (Service Pack 4)
for OneWorld. 2 of these machines will intermittently hit the above error
when printing from Acrobat. No other applications are launched besides those
from OneWorld, maybe 2 to 3 screens. We have identified that one difference
is that these 2 machines are using the HP LaserJet 1100a and HP LaserJet
1200 local. From the Task Manager, on memory usage it doesn't seem to have
run out of memory. (approx 175 - 190 Mb free)

The workstations are Pentium III 1 Ghz, 256 Mb Memory and 20 Gb Hdisk.


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How full are the hard drives? How much memory? Keep in mind that Adobe
uses a heckuva lot of memory for creaing .pdf's....LOTS!

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