ACH Electronic Payments to multiple banks


So we have the need to run ach payments to multiple banks, but the header info for the ach file comes from the processing options on the R04572T1. So the only way i see to run ach for another bank is to setup a new payment instrument, but that seems like a terrible process.

Has anyone else run across this and how did you proceed?
Will this work?
The Create Payment Groups UBE (R04570) should separate each Payables Bank Account into a separate Payment Group. These payments for each payables bank account will be processed separately with separate MemberID's in the F0457 and F04572OW files. The GL Bank Account is stored in the F0457/KMGLBA filed. All you will need to send the payments to the correct bank is a way to determine which F0457/KMGLBA belongs with which bank.