Accounts Payable, Voucher Entry with Freight Match P0411


Application P4981 ZJDE0001 Form W4981A
I am trying to voucher match a shipment to a freight vendors invoice. I am assuming there are no changes to the amounts required; all calculated correctly.
At P4314, Voucher Entry With Freight Match I have entered the required data to locate the shipment to be matched. Clicked on Form from the drop down and then clicked on Freight To Match. Located the shipment, selected the lines to be matched. When I click on Select, I receive two tax errors and one tax warring.
Error 1 - Taxable amount greater than gross
Error 2 - Tax amount greater than gross
Warning - Tax amount invalid
I have three lines to select, but the errors occur whether I select all lines or just one of the lines.
The 3 lines total gross amount = 910.47
The 3 lines total Taxable Amount = 867.11
The 3 lines Tax amount = 43.36
I do not know where I should check as the Taxable and Tax amounts each are not greater than the gross.
Can someone let me know why these errors occur, although amounts seem ok?
Thank you in advance.


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