Accounts Payable, pay by Supplier or Payee?


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We are on E9.0, tools

We have an issue where we have two outstanding vouchers for the same payee and we want them to net to pay them. One voucher is -135.20, the other is for say 200.00. They have the same payee but different suppliers. The reasons relates to tax withholding that I won't go into details on.

But the bottomline is we have both suppliers and the payee set to 'Pay By Supplier' in the supplier master.

So I thought that when we ran the payment group, it would combine those two to pay 64.80. What did happen was that on the Create Payment Group report it showed the -135.20 as a total for one supplier, but -135.20 is below our minimum to pay and the other supplier had a payment of 200.00.

Reviewing, does the setting of 'Pay by Supplier' mean that it will never combine two vouchers with different suppliers, but the same payee?

Our minimum payment on the processing options of R04570 is -.01, but that should apply to the minimum we will pay, not whether or not the amount will combine with another voucher for the same payee.

So out bottomline question really is, can you net two vouchers together that have the same payee but different suppliers?

Thanks for any advice.