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Accessing XML from Report Source of a BI Report


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Hi All

I'm looking to be able to access the xml file - or its contents - that is created / displayed when you view the "Report Source" for BI linked report.
I need to be able to do this in a UBE that runs after the BI job whose Report Source I am after has been run / completed.
Normal CSV / Pdf file outputs of a typical UBE are there in the Print Queue... but this doe not seem to be the case for the xml when viewing the Report Source. It seems this is created on the fly when taking the option to view the report source, and the system command that creates this is not available in an UBE.

Any ideas?
Thanking in advance


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Thanks to the above for their replies... and to those that may have thought of a solution for me.
In the end I believe I won't need to do it now .. as there's some existing development earlier in the process that creates the XML output for me.... it gets moved by the time I get to it / need to get to it (used by a third party...) ... but I can handle that situation.

Thanks again.