Accessing Oracle Database View from OneWorld


What is the best way to access an Oracle Database View from OneWorld? I
have created a view which summarizes the F03B11 table by invoice. I would
like to be able to access it using event rules inside a report.

I am open to suggestions as to the best way to handle this.

We are running OneWorld XE SP16, Update 2, on Oracle 8.1.7.

Kevin Long


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Hi Kevin,

basically what you need to do is to create a dummy table in OneWorld (call it F5503B11 or whatever) that de[censored]s EXACTLY the fields you want in the database view. Generate/create the table using the Oneworld tools and deploy everywhere via package. Then from Oracle Delete the table and replace it with a view of the same name (and in the same schema(s)). Be sure to set permissions on the view properly, etc. Oneworld is happy then to be faked out by this Database View that it thinks is a table.

There was a recent thread on this in the developer's forum titled something like "BSVW Table Joins". The thread goes into more detail than what I just told you above.


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