Accessing data from Xe web client with a SQL Server (2012) data source ?


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Hi list,

Here is the context :
Our JDE platform is an Xe SP23 with websphere 6.0.2, in full Oracle (10) databases.
We have to create some interfaces with another tool (in both ways, outbound/inbound), based on data from a SQL Server 2012 database.
First thoughts was to create tables in Oracle JDE database, and in SQL server database, and to use some ETL like Oracle data integrator to read/write data in these tables.
But of course, it adds some synchronisation issues, it makes you deal with 3 software … We use it a lot, so we know it's not always easy to maintain such things.
So i suggested to let me some time to try to set up jde (with datasources) to read/write directly in the sql server database.
So i took back my jde documentation, and after lots of tests, i could create everything in sql server and jde to access data (read and write) in a sql server 2012 database, from a fat client and from an enterprise server. We started some tests with ubes we developped to deal with outbound/inbound. It was working great.

The only issue i have know is :
In order for our key-users (in charge of testing the interfaces) to check the content of the interface tables (so located in sql server), we created jde forms, but so far, i couln't make it work from the web client.

I did lots of try from the websphere side, but never succeed in accessing data on my sql server.
I asked some help from a senior CNC, he was really not sure it would possible with such a high version of sql server with our old Xe and its old jdbc version.

Do you think it's useless to continue searching ? (the workaround is for users to use a fat client)
If you think it's possible, how would you set this up ?

Any tips on SQL server access set up from websphere ?

Thanks for you help.