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Good morning

My client does not access the Knowledge Garden since 2006.

Who should I contact to get access to the support of oracle?

I need to fix the situation involving CENTCHG (CenturyChangeYear) and so I have to download the various SAR DATEUTILXE to install the program.

Obviously I have the user and pass the old sites.

Help me please

Thanks to all



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They should have gotten an Oracle CSI number, and one person who was designated as the My Oracle Support administrator.

If they do not have their CSI number, have them contact their sales rep to figure out what it is.
The data that the client has given me are:
Account No. XXXXXXX
SW: One World
SW: B73.3.2
New SW Version: B73.3.3XE
Based Pricing Suite: SUITE
Site id: XXXXXXX Rome-Italy-Site Office
SIN: XXXXX (this' SIN required the identification code of the phone)

The only way is to contact your provider is a mail that I can use to solve the problem?


Marco Felici


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That information looks old to me, like from before the Oracle takeover. I think you will need to contact your sales representative to get the updated information from Oracle.
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