Access to JDE (v9.0, tools, IE11) on Touch Tablet under Windows 8

Hello all,

I'm a French I.T technician working in a French business. One of our main application is JD Edwards and we would like to access it via Touch Tablet under Windows 8.

So here is my troubles :
I can access the application, Menus and select items but the main frame (contents) don’t show up... the screen stay blank (see my screenshot below).

All Windows Updates are done. I duplicated my desktop IE settings (on which one JDE is working fine) but still KO.

For info, our JDE is hosted on an oracle server and we connect to it through Internet Explorer 11 and below.

So I want to know if there are any requirements to use JDE on a Windows Tablet or if are there any patch for it ?

Here is a screenshot that show exactly what is happening :

View attachment 18094

Thank you in advance for your answer and any suggestions.


One thing I remember about trying this very same thing (with the Surface RT tablet) was that you have to use the desktop Internet Explorer browser, not the Windows Store app version, and you must enable Compatibility Mode in order for the frame content to appear properly. I realize it's been two weeks since you posted this, so you've almost certainly figured it out by now.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I use the desktop Internet Explorer browser but the Compatibility Mode isn't enabled. I will try to enable this setting and after if I can have access to the main frame (contents).... if it will show up or not.

If it works, I'll let you know.