Access data across environments in JDE


Hello Experts,
I have a situation here,
there are two environments – one which contains data for current fiscal year and the other is historical one, which contains data for all previous years.
File names and layouts are the same only the data differs. The Client want me to build an interactive application which would be able to provide user the list of sales descending by the sales total amounts regardless whether that sale happened this year or earlier.

Is there a poosibility to access data across mutliple environments and get data? Please need your inputs


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Hey ,
Here is what i would do in this case :
- make an empty copy of the table (using OMW) , DONT GENERATE IT
- override through OCM the data source for all users/roles, for this specific table to redirect it to the historical environment data source.
- Create an SQL view on historical environment data source that points towards the sales table.

That way when you will do a Fetch Single on current environment on the F56COPY table, it will generate a SQL query on the historical environment, which through the SQL view will return the actual historical sales data.


You can use HANDLES to access/upate/insert DATA accross different Data Sources.I believe this is what your requirement.Please refer to this doc ID 639024.1 in MOS.


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I have checked the document. We can use handle for batch and applications. How about business functions ?
For example, we have to generate some records for government reporting purpose and there is a sequence number and it should be unique over environments.
So for Env 1 - Co. 1, Co.2 and Co.3
The generated records are:

for Env 2 - Co.4
The record should be start with 4, not 1.

So is it possible to tell the system to override the environment before running some business function ? ( This business function will be doing all the procedures to get data for generating the sequence number).