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Hi All,

I created a report to create a flat file and to FTP to Unix server. If i run this program in local it works fine but if i run on server it is not picking the flat file path and other batch file paths.
My flat file and other batch files exist on windows network drive (J:\Folde\file.txt). But when i submit on server (AS/400 is my enterprise server) it is not able to pick up (recognize) the path.
Even I gave file path with mapped server name like \\servername\Folder\Foldre1\File.csv and ran locally as well server, but it works in local not on server
Is there any security, authority mapping network issue?
Can you guys advice me what i have to do to achieve this.
All the BSFN’s which pick up the flat file, delete, rename and export flat files are client and server specific.