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Hi, Everyone, I am Ramon, From a retail company in china.

Now I have a knotty problem about the sales order processing in JDE system , Could anyone give me a hand to share your idea?

For common procedure, sales order processing should perform like this :
Sales order Entry --> Shipment Confirm --> Sales update --> Accounting Sales Journal Post

But for a retail business, the customer will pay 100 percent when they place an order and then our company deliver the merchandise to the customers's home according to the schedule. so there will be some items in the warehouse is sold out, and at the same time, we can not cut off the sales order shipment at monthly end because some customer can not make confirmation on the delivery date even after one month. So we want to proceed the sales update and post to sales income after sales order entry to ensure the revenue number is same with the cash received daily, and then go to the shipment procedure. We can describe the work flow in our company as below:

Sales order Entry --> Sales update --> Shipment Confirm
--> Accounting Sales Journal Post

We got trouble when we trying to do that
a) After sales update , the status of sales order change to 999 , can not continue to proceed shippment
b) Affect item inventory number, the number of Qoh/Availability/Hard commitment confused

Could anybody give some advice on above issue? your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.



OneWorld XE
Oracle 8.1.6
HP9000 L2000

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Ramon, you came to the right place. JDEListers are famous for helping each
other out.

Without a modification, you can't run sales update before ship confirm.

I suggest you think about using cycle billing, R49700. This is cycle
billing which is used to create accounting entries for orders that will be
invoiced later, such as for customers who are invoiced at month end. If the
invoice cycle preference is not set to Daily, then the system calculates a
future invoicing date (Scheduled Invoice Date in the F49211), and you can
select based on this date in Invoice Print. Additionally, it generates
journal entries to Unbilled A/R, Inventory, Deferred COGS, and Deferred
Revenue. All entries except the credit to Inventory are reversed when
Sales Update does its normal journal entries.

Your order flow would be:
Order Entry
Pick Slip Print
Ship Confirm
Cycle Billing
Invoice Print (on the customer desired date, such as month end)
Sales Update

Another option is to use the JDE prepayments functionality. I don't know
much about it, but perhaps someone else has implemented it.


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Mike Dupaix

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Instead of running sales update first, use the normal JDE process flow and change you JE processing option. On the Defaults tab, option 4, you can select the SO Invoice date, Ship Date or execution (P42800 run) date. I recommend you use the ship date and when the order is ship confirmed, use the original ship date for your confirmation. This will ensure you are accounting for sales in the appropriate period.

You will need to create a report listing all outstanding SO's by month and then create reversing manual JE's to account for those that have not been invoiced, confirmed or run through sales update at each month end. This will account for your timing differences and will also provide a means for follow up on outstanding sales orders.

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