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Ability to Run Reports / UBEs with No Security


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Anyway - enough ... My mind is slammed against a wall, and I can't remember the term for the ability to submit a report without security.

Issue: HR can only see employees that are in their Business Units. They want to be able to submit a report that identifies if an Employee is working (or has worked) at other business units, to. Basically - they want to see if they are creating a duplicate F0101 record, based on SSN (ABTAX). Since they can only see Address Numbers in their B.U. - the report won't tell them if the SSN is in any other B.U.s

There is a security term / process for stripping a UBE's security - so the UBE will ignore security and run wide open. What the heck is that term, anyone got a Doc ID and why the salt-shakers can't I remember it?

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