A73 UOM Rounding problem


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Hello - we are on A73, C12. When we moved from cum 6, we started noticing
some rounding problems, some of which we fixed with AAI's. Now we are
looking at the remaining hurdle - coming in with vouchering purchase orders
for inventory items. Periodically, when we voucher something, we end up
with a 1 cent variance on the AP voucher. This might be happening when the
inventory quantity is at a certain point relative to the purchase order
quantity. We were given two sars, #4656082 and #4678708. These two
together approximate 150 pages of changes!!!! The JDE guy says put them
all in and try it, see what happens. I am trying to move up the food chain
in GSS, but I thought I would solicit the input of the list as well.

This apparently broke somewhere between 6 and 12, and is fixed in 13, but
12 was such a disaster for us, I really hesitate to go to 13, but right now
I have about 5 invoices that I physically can't voucher because of this 1
cent variance. I thought I might be able to work around the 1 cent, (that
is, have it post to the ledger until I can get the rounding error problem
fixed,) but I can't even get that to work yet.

Any thoughts appreciated.

David Bryant
Maxco Supply, Inc.


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We put cum 12 seven months ago without problems. If JDE admits there was
an error and gave you a paper fix, I suggest to install the paper fix and
try it. If did not work, keep hammer JDE.

What other problems you had with cum 12?

Emad Banoub
Pasadena, CA
A7.3 cu 12/X3 - Xe SP 13.0 coexistence

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We have similar problems on AP and more frequently on AR also.
Being on A73cum10 we also have the problem of prohibited levels of SAR's to
apply - to be honest can you guarantee that applying 150 pages of changes
you are going to apply them in the correct order? Several programs we have
been given SAR's for involve over 30 SAR's having to be applied, often
overlapping the same areas of code. Unless you can apply them in the same
order that JDE did, it's very risky. The only other solution is really to
upgrade to the next cum, but that's an even bigger task and no guarantee it
won't bring it's own share of problems too.
We currently have several DFU's (UPDDTA) defined so that when a batch is
generated and has rounding errors, various supervisors can use the DFU
program to update the F0911 to correct it before posting the batch.
The DFU program basically is a single screen display of the key fields (so
the user can be sure the correct record has been selected) and only the
amount field is set for input.
It's not a solution, just a workaround, but our way of dealing with it until
we can upgrade - maybe another 6 months.
Hope this helps and to let you know "you are not alone".
Tony Payne - Senior Systems Analyst
United Musical Instruments USA Inc.
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(Running JDE A73 cum 10 on V4R3M0)

We've run into the problem as well, (particularly when matching receipts in
a foreign currency) and I've had to resort to DFU to update the vouchered
amount in F0411 plus or minus a penny to balance the batch. Although it's
a workaround until the rounding issues get fixed, it allows my users to
complete and post their batch.

Hope that helps.

Alissa Allard
JDE Applications Analyst, A7.3 cum 9
Stimson Lane, Ltd.
email: [email protected]
phone: 425-415-3371

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