A7.3 cum 10 heads up


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While applying an unrelated SAR to P43032 I found that it wouldn't compile. The reason was that the program source already had the changes for SAR #2230686 but the accompanying changes to 2 logical files, F4310LC and F4310LF had not been made. This is at cum 10 of A7.3. Our copy of the cum 11 source does appear to have all the changes.

If you are at cum 10 you might want to check whether you also have this SAR incorrectly applied. In the RPG source you can simply scan for it. Inquire on P43032 in the SVR. Enter a '1' in the program detail line to start an SEU browse session. In the SEU command line key 'F 2230686 A' and press Enter. If the SAR is applied, on the bottom line of the screen you should see the message 'String 2230686 found 30 times.' and the source line

F* 07/28/98 MCGINNIS SAR # 2230686

should be near the top of the screen. Similarly use the SVR and SEU to browse both F4310LC and F4310LF. The field PWDCTO should have been added to the keys in a line immediately following PWAN8. If either of these source members does not contain a line for PWDCTO the SAR has not been applied to it. If like us you find that the SAR has been applied to the program but not the files you should contact either JDE or your business partner for advice.

In our case a scan of the whole source showed that these files were not used by any other program so we made the SAR changes for 2230686 to the logical files and carried on with our application and testing of the other SAR.

Dave Kahn (World A7.3 cum 10)