A/R Trade Offset Entries by Subledger or Cost Objects


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1. During the Invoice Post Process, is it possible to generate A/R Trade Offset Entries, AE, whereby each G/L Offset Entry is generated with the Subledger taken from each Invoice Line, F03B11.RPSBL?

2. Alternatively, can Flex Accounting be setup for Application B03B0025 – Invoice Post, by either AAI (i.e. RC AAI) or Object Method to generate Subledger or Cost Object Entries for the A/R Trade Offset Entries? This functionality appears to exist based on Page 8 of the 8.10 Advanced Cost Implementation Guide it states, “You use flex accounting rules to determine how the system automatically completes the cost object fields when creating offset entries during the pre-post voucher and payment processes”, however this does not seem to work. I have seen conflicting information whether Flex Accounting can be setup for Financials AAIs, or is only functional for Distribution and Manufacturing AAIs.


EnterpriseOne 8.10.