A/R Parent/Child Invoicing


I have been experimenting with customers that exist in our address book but now need their invoicing to be sent to a parent company. Customer # 99 was created to be the parent of customer # 1. For customer # 1 I then inserted 99 into the address book Related Address/Parent Number field, changed Alternative Payer in A/R options to # 99, changed Credit Check Level to P.

Invoices generated for customer # 1 are still addressed to that customer but they need to be addressed to customer # 99.

Can anyone point me in the right direct please? I can't find this information in JDE's help.

Thanks in anticipation! :eek:
In P03013 - Customer Master Revisions, populate the alias = SITO - Send Invoice to C/P - with P for Parent.
Thanks for your quick response Al. I will be working on this again later in the week and will let you know how I get on.
My pleasure to help. Please stay in touch and let me know if it works as desired for you. It should be successful.
Hi Al. I had some time this morning so have been playing around. This works exactly the way I wanted it to! Many thanks.
Great! I knew that it would be the perfect solution. All the best! Please keep in touch.