A/R "grace period"

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I'm being told that CASH APPLICATION has a "grace period"
that allows discount to be taken, when the payment is late,
if it is late by less than five days.

I've looked at code, processing options, and the manual
but don't see, or am overlooking, "grace period".

(I also don't see any custom code allowing for this.)

Does JDE vanilla have this feature?



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Manual Cash Application, P03103, has Processing Option 16:

"16. Enter the number of grace days to
add to the Discount Due Date before
determining whether to take the
discount. If left blank, no grace
days will be added. "

Frosty the Coder

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By "Automatic Cash Receipts Process", do you mean P03550?
If so, which p/opt? #9? It's set as "U", Unapplied Cash.

I don't think I'm looking at the correct program.
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Frosty the Coder

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Thanks BUT for Cash Receipts Entry (P03103), I see option labeled "4", which behind the scenes is @OP,16,
as "Enter the Default Payment Status for Chargebacks. Leave blank to use the data dictionary default value".

The p/opt labeled as "16", which behind the scenes is @OP,56, is
"Enter a value to select invoice overpayment edit processing. blank=no edit, 1=warning, 2=error"

Keep in mind that the version they're on is A7.3


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Then the best thing to do might be to contact My Oracle Support to determine definitely if there is no way to use Grace Days on A7.3 Cash Application.

But if it doesn't have it now and they are moving to a new system then why would it matter if it is available in A7.3?


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Hi guys, I have found that there are many ways to create a solution using vanilla out of the box applications. In your A7.3 case, you might want to explore building the "grace" days in the discount element of payment terms and then if the customer makes a payment and takes the discount, it will be meet the discount due date criteria. You can configure a specific payment term unique for that customer or customer group. Give that solution a proof of concept and I think it would work and solve the constraint employing vanilla code. You will be the continued "hero" to your applications Team.