A/P Duplicate Check Numbers


We had a strange thing happen while writing an A/P batch.
1. A single batch with 614 entries ran single threaded
2. Batch completed successfully with no errors
3. Started receiving calls today from the bank that we had duplicate check numbers
4. Reviewed batch with following results:
a. First 115 records processed ok
b. Record 116 had same check number as 115
c. Record 117 was ok
d. Record 118 had same check number as 117
e. Above pattern continues for 150 checks and then all is well

At first glance, we would suspect that something else was running at the same time, but we single threaded the job. The other thought is a problem with next numbering - but only for 150 records?? Is there any log in JDE where we can see if another job taking control of the next number was running?

We have a call into JDE but no response as of yet. Has anyone else seen this??

Thanks for any help you can provide.

PS - If you need more info regarding configuration, please let me know what details you need.

Natalie Chlop
Xe, AS/400, Citrix

What Service Pack are you on for Xe?
Did record 117 have a check number two greater than record 115, or only one

Xe SP13, WindowsNT, Oracle 8.1.6, Sun/Solaris


Just an update on the problem resolution ... It appears that someone may have stopped and started OneWorld services while the job was running and this caused the problem. Although we cannot prove it, this is the only explanation that makes sense.

Maggie - My apologies for not responding to your questions - I was off sick and unable to access jdelist from home. In the meantime, the problem was solved. Thank you for your willingness to help.

Natalie Chlop
Xe, AS/400, Citrix, SP15.1