A/P discounts question


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In the past we at White-Rodgers have only taken/allowed discounts on
inventory related purchases. Because of that policy, we had our A/P AAI's
set for discounts to point to an object account that is up in the cost of
sales section of our income statement.
Well, now we are going to take discounts, if the vendor allows us, on
expense items. We would like to have those discounts go to G & A expenses,
which obviously is a different object account.

These object accounts are all in the same company though, so it looks like
we are stuck with the cost of sales object account.

My question is this - has anyone found a way in JDE to have discounts in the
same company go to more than 1 object account? Any suggestions from anyone
on how we could accomplish what we want to do with the discounts? Any
assistance will be greatly appreciated.

John Dickey
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You might find that,if it's possible with your business unit structure,the
business unit for the PKD/PKL AAIs being placed in the responsible business
unit of the Address Book master record and setting the PKD/PKL AAIs with jst
the object account.

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Hi John,

We had a similar situation where we wanted to send variances to different variance accounts dependent on the user taking an option. We managed to do this by setting up a duplicate line type with a different GL Class in the fold. Based on this Gl class (line type) we sent the variance to different accounts. This would only work where a separate option could be set up for each line type or if you have users who would be willing (& able) to change the line type when entering the order. Hope this is of some assistance.

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Yo, our accounting practices here have all Purchase Discounts go to an
Operations Expense object account (part of GA&O expenses at our company)
which means none of our Purchase Discounts are considered part of Cost of
Sales (including discounts on inventory purchases). I think our approach is
the more common and more generally accepted approach. I suggest you have
your accounting group check GAP, check with their Corporate Office and
perhaps even check with their outside auditors. It's not a big deal with us
as we have very few Purchase Discounts that we take....Gerry

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I understand on variances, but on A/P cash discounts JDE does not use
the G/L class code. I already have different class code values on my line
types. Seems hard for me to believe that we are the only company that want
inventory discounts to go to the cost of sales part of the income statement
and non-inventory discounts to go to another part of the income statement,
so I would think others have had to find a solution - but maybe not.

John Dickey
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Re: RE: A/P discounts question

Hello Again John,

Sorry to not be able to help you more. Had a closer look and the AAis in question do not give the functionality that I thought they might. ie PKDXXX where XXX is the Gl Class. Found a request on the knowledge garden for this functionality but it did not have a status which indicated it would be actioned in the near future. If I come across anything I'll let you know.



Paul Thompson
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