A/P Date File Gen does not populate F0411A


We have executed the P04901 A/P Date File Generation a number of times for a few different dates but records are never added to file F0411A.

1. When we run P04901 to include pay items, an error results and the dump indicates an attempt to write duplicate records to F0413A. There are records in the F0413A and the UPMJ values indicate that these records have been irregularly added to that file for many years and years.

2. Running P04901 without pay items does not produce any errors or joblogs or data dumps, but still does not populate F0411A.

After each execution of the P04901, we have run the P04423 and P04413 "As of" A/P aging reports with the "As of" processing option set to "1" to use the "as of" aging and the report output is always the same - as if nothing has been aged "as of". The P04423 and P04413 Based on File is set to F0411AJC.

We are using World A7.3 on an AS400

Looks like you have a buggy program is it crashes when you run it - alternatively you have a problem in your F0413 file that you only see when your run the As of processing. Check the dump as it will give you details of the record it is failing on and then check the data.

Also when you run the reports check the date you are using for "as-of" aging. You have to be careful as the term "as-of" as it is used for two things. First the building of the "As-Of" via the P04901 which populates the A files. it is also used in the processing option for a date to age the debt from - they are not the same. You can one without the other or both or neither.