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A/P cash accou nt


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We currently have a cash account set up for each different company in our JDE system (A7.3 cum 6).

My manager has just told me he only wants 1 cash account to be used for Companies 00001,00002,00003 & 00004. I know I have to change the AAI's to set the default cash account to company 1 for these 4 companies.

I also need to make sure all open vouchers have their cash account changed to company 1 as well. JDE told me how to do this, but when I tried it in test mode it didn't work. (although it acted like it did, cause the screen cleared after I changed the action code to a "C" and pressed enter).

Can someone on this list help me on this please?

Also, if anyone has done this in their shop, could you share with me any pitfalls that can occur?

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Hmm, never had to try this. I would think if you can pull up an open
voucher and change the cash G/L account with the C action code, it should
change that field in the F0411 record. If it doesn't, I would be going back
to JDE to ask them why it does not work. I cannot change in my system since
we match to PO's and I get an error message if I try to change a voucher
linked to a PO.

John Dickey


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Yo Diana,

I think you are trying to use the Speed Release program (P04114) which works
differently on a global "update". To change the bank account on this screen
you have to do the following:

Action Code "I", enter old G/L Bank Account number, press enter, and you'll
see the list of all (hundred, thousands, 10s of thousands) open vouchers
which have the entered bank account number as their G/L Bank Account.

Change Action Code to "C", change G/L Bank Account number to the new number,
then DO NOT PRESS ENTER, INSTEAD PRESS F16 (Update). The screen stays the
same, the action code changes back to "I" but you have now changed the G/L
bank account on all the selected records. To check this, inquire on the old
G/L Bank Account....you should get back zero records.

Gerry Munchel
A7.3, Cum 10