A batch A/P payment process


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We are on E1 9.0

Is there a way to process a payment completely in batch, where you submit one job but that job would create the payment group, write the payment group, update the payment group.

Is there anything standard that would do that. Or if not, has anyone has anyone had any success with a custom process. I would think you would have some sort of wrapper program that would call the various steps in turn. I'm sure there might be some roadblocks along the way, but any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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What is the business reason for not wanting a step in the process to review what populated in the payment group in case there are items that should not be included in the group for one reason or another prior to printing, and then having the ability to reset if there is an issue with the generation of the payment documents and has to be re-done prior to posting an finalizing anything within the AP subledger and GL?