90% of PO auto-receipted | bulk line chgd to999 | Voucher mismatch due 10%Disposition


90% of a Purchase Order (PO) is auto-receipted, received, and allocated to warehouse.
The amount of cases received is equivalent to a bulk amount, which is a negative quantity to zero out the positive quantity in the purchase order lines.
With 90% of PO auto-receipted, received, and allocated to warehouse,
The negative bulk order line was status changed to 999.
A disposition was assumed to have been made for the 10% not delivered.
Finance has raised the issue that PO receipt can not be voucher matched, as they are not able to reconcile the dispositioned quantity.
Has anyone had a similar issue before and what was done to resolve it ? Thanks a million for any advice. - JMSpann
JDE E9.2