E9.2 9.2 release Bug 25641779 - ADDITIONAL GRID COL FOR P42101. I need the code :)

Zaki Ahmed

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I need code from following objects :
9.2 release Bug 25641779 - ADDITIONAL GRID COL FOR P42101.

Sales Order Detail Reusable Subform P421002
S421002C_SalesOrderDetailData D4210620A
S421002C Sales Order Detail View Control B4210620

Basically I am looking for an logic enhancement that Oracle made back in 2017 related to following bug. If any of you has a later code, please attach the files to this ticket. We are on older baseline ESU and can't take this baseline ESU. Thanks

Hey Zaki, you can download JN14763, extract it, and ER Compare it to your object / print the differences from that. Basically, you run the ESU on your fat client, it'll create a folder with the specs in it. Cancel the installation when it asks. Then go in to OMW, do an ER compare to remote specifications, and point to the spec folder created underneath the ESU folder.

So by default, it'll download to Downloads on your fat client, running form there will create downloads\JN14763, and you're going to compare Remote Specs to C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\JN14763\planner\package\JN14763\spec

You can print the remote specs out from there to file if need be for easier reading.

You can follow doc ID 655079.1