9.2 Dev Client with SQL Server JDBC


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Hi folks,

I'm starting in the dev forum understanding that tech may be appropriate as well and I'll try there next.

OK, install. SQL Server DB setting up the dev workstation. Everything is smooth, full package built. WLS 12.1.3 installed, web dev feature installs fine but get "not suitable driver" message when running. No prob, missing sqljdbc4.jar in ..\misc. Added jar and still no luck. Copied the driver to ..\JAS\EA_JAS_80.ear\webclient.war\WEB-INF\lib and it works but far from ideal. So I'm missing some setup on local WLS to "register" that driver. On server managed instances (non dev workstations) this is simple. Note the oracle JDBC driver (used for local specs) is in \misc, but it also maybe classpathed in from somewhere else.

Anyone know the right place to get it in the classpath? just the startup parms?