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Has anyone had success using the xml callobject with tools from an external application?

In our attempts, if we use the jar files, it does not connect, but if we drop in the jar files from an older release (, we don't have any issues connecting.

Oracle E92 - Win 2012 * OracleDB
E91 - Win2008 and an iSeries - OracleDB/DB2*
E810/E811/E8111/E812/E90 - Win2003 - SQL Server
XE/ERP8/8.9 - Win2k - SQL Server 2k


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I am having a similar issue. We are on JDE 9.1 with tools release 9.2.05. Since our tools upgrade we experienced integration problems between DSI TIMETrac 9.1.3 application and JDE. We loaded the jar files from DSI but the only way to connect is to execute the "Verify" process within TIMETrac that establishes a new session id. The integration should load on startup and establish the connection but the error returned is invalid userid/password. Clearly it is not invalid since we can manually run the verify process and generally take off from there. It almost appears that something is missing in the "load on startup" function.