9.1 - Import Limitation - Data from excel to Web



Hi All,
We have recently upgraded from XE to 9.1.
Unlike XE, Users are unable to import data more than 1000 Records and getting hard error when doing so.
I understand that this is JAS.INI setting that prevents the bulk import and it is recommended to restrict the bulk import / Copy paste.

We tried convincing the user to do this as multiple iterations which they didn't agree because of the large volume of data they normally import.
I am bit hesitant to go for the customization because
1. this is a standard application functionality (P51006 - Job cost master).
2. Using a batch processing will require folder creations/ security/ Mapping. Maintenance will be on IT. Also, Users are not going to agree for the additional steps.
3. Customization will be required for every such process where there is a bulk import

Now the question is,
1. Is it ok to increase this limit from 1,000 to 8,000 or more. Will this create memory related issues.
2. We were told the Recommended memory for each JVM is 1.5 GB. Is it ok to increase this 2GB or more.

Server: IBM P7 / AX / 4 LPARs
Load Balancer: F5 - Local Traffic Manager
Database: DB2
Webserver: Weblogic
Total Number of JVM for this region: 10
Each JVM: 1.5GB memory

EnterpriseOne Application Release: 9.1
EnterpriseOne Tools Release: 9.1.3

Thanks and Regards

I created a separate server and WL server just for 'huge' imports. So I'd say the answer to #1 is Yes, but again I try to isolate the impact. Others WILL be impacted when the import happens.
As far as #2 goes, I know of many sites that set the JVM for 4G. As always your mileage will vary.

Hi Tom,
Thanks a lot.
This is the direction we are proceeding now.
I wanted to see whether anyone has increased the Grid import limit beyond the oracle recommended value of 1000 and still system handles it successfully. In which case, i thought we can consider changing the limit in all the JVMs uniformly in future.

about #2, we will decide based on the Weblogic consultant's fine tuning recommendations. Will keep the thread updated if we do any change.

We are on the same version as you and we are set at 4,000 with no issues, no visible impact. I believe you can go as high as 15,000 or maybe even more. I don't think changing your JVM memory would have much impact.


Edit: Google JVM and garbage collection. I believe there is a downside to larger JVM's.
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We increased the import limit to 5000 without experiencing performance issues.....though users wanted it to 10000.

I might be a little late with the reply, but I had a client who wanted it set to 90000 and nothing lower. So since I was forced by obligations I made the change, and they only really noticed it when a user was importing 70000+ records. They had a constant 100 users online at any given time running on WLS 11g and only 1 JVM.
Importing 70000+ records: Can you share which E1 application the users were importing data into? Thanks.