9.1 First available date for product release (first to market)


We are currently working on a new implementation of JDE EnterpriseOne. One of the requirements is that the item has a first available date. We require the ability to create items way before the item is available to sell. Our requirement is as follows:

1) Item master or Branch plant have a way to put to a date when the item is first available for market.
2) The Sales order entry program, If orders are place for the new item with a first available date in the future (April 15, 2015 for example). We don't want to stop customers to from placing orders on products that will go to market on April 15th but we want the order to automatically put the requested date to the first available date (15th of April), which would put this out to the future but will also assist with planning for the production of the product.

We do not really want to modify so if there are any ideas on how this can be handled using standard functionality that would be great. Was wondering if using adv. preference delivery date might work, but not sure.

Any ideas would be great.

You're going to have to modify/customize

P.S. Post is in the wrong forum - should be in the Application forum.