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Michael L.

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When we click on a “recent report” in the carousal, were then presented with a prompt to open, close or cancel in order to see the report output. I’ve been told there is a way in IE 10 and 11 to disable the prompt so that the PDF opens immediately.
If anyone is able to do this would appreciate if you would share how.

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It is a JAS.INI setting on the web instance.

Jon, Russell, sorry with the late response. We've been pretty busy over hear and just went live on 9.0 / last weekend.

Our Infrastructure team says the IE option is not doable for us as it's an all or nothing in the GPO and makes us vulnerable to security risks. The jas.ini setting works but you loose the name of the PDF when saving so were considering communicating this to our end user users that they will need to 'save as' and supply an object name instead of the default before saving.

Thank you both for your responses, much appreciated.