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8.98.3.x on 8.10


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Hi List

Has anyone tried installing the 8.98.3.x Tools release on 8.10?

We are currently rolling out the Web client interface, and we will be looking to upgrade to B9 soon but the new functionality of grid imports and column sizing would make the users take to the web client a lot easier. I am going to try it on some test boxes but just wondered if anyone knows in advance of any issues this would create as it is an unsupported Tools Release for 8.10. (But is this just because 8.10 is now an unsupported release itself?)

Thanks in advance

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As you say 8.98.3 is NOT supported for 8.10. Why shoot yourself in the foot (head?) by breaking things and being in a unsupportable position when you're attempting a web migration? Consider moving only a selected portion of your 8.10 users to a web environment using a supported tools release at first to get your lessons learned - and wait til 9.x to move the entire organization.
The new user functionality in 8.98.3 is a future carrot to encourage your organization to move on to 9.x.


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Completely agree, just wondered if anyone had tried it or was thinking of trying it. The users at our place are not taking to the web client very well (they mostly hate it!) and it seems the major dislike is the import from excel and the column width adjustment.




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The users at our place are not taking to the web client very well (they mostly hate it!)

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That sounds about normal. What's to like (from the user's point of view)? When we first moved to the web (8.11) from the fat client (Xe, though we did have some inquiry-only users on web in Xe), the user experience deteriorated dramatically. I must admit I have sympathy for them - as CNC/Admin/Developer (and general dog's body) I still mostly use the fat client and I am glad about that.