8.97 broke User Overrides


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I have a case open with Oracle but was hoping someone might have some input into this issue.

We have implemented E1 with *PUBLIC User Overrides to tailor the grids for the users (note: this was not without my objection). We are on 8.11.SP1/8.95.H1 and while testing, we found that the applications are not opening with the *PUBLIC UO's.

When the application opens, it is not displaying the *PUBLIC UO's (we made sure there were no user specific UO's). When the user closes the application, it is creating a user specific UO. After the user logs out and back into E1, the application will display the user specific UO's, which happen to match the *PUBLIC UO's.

We have not yet tested the rebuilding of UO's and are REALLY hoping there is an alternative work around. Any thoughts?



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In E811, every user will have user overrides created when they use an application. While these user overrides exist for a specific application, the *PUBLIC user overrides for that application will not be used. To have the *PUBLIC user overrides copied to the individual user overrides for a specific application, you will have to delete the individual user overrides for that application first.

That's my AUD 0.02 worth, I hope it helps.