8.97 / 8.98 Multi-Foundation Quesitons/Help


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We are currently running 8.12 on 8.97.25. I want to eventually upgrade to the latest 8.98.4.x tools release and because our WAS servers are on an older version they wont work after the update.

So, I am looking at doing multi-foundation. I have a few questions after reading through various documents on Oracle. Currently our DB server and main security server is on an iSeries. Our other enterprise server is on Windows 2003. Is it possible to just do the multi-foundation on the windows side? Or would that pathcode with new tools need to be consitent throughout each enterprise server?

Basically I would just like to setup multi-foundation for DV812 pathcode, installed the latest WebLogic or WAS server on our 64bit Windows 2008 server and ensure I have a working web server. I would also take this time to test new features, user experience changes, etc.

How does this effect development? Nobody logs into DV812 apart from myself when I develop. On my development machine would I need to point to the "new" DV812, how does it work with deploying packages?

Thanks for any help.
I hate zero replys to things - So the newer foundation- Your going to RUN these active, side by side. You will use differnt JDE PORT #'s to allow them to run side by side on the different parts. They will communicte on the correct PORTS to each other. This is via the JDE.INI and POER # & IPC value when side by side w/ the others.
So it should be on the Enterprise Server. It'll run side by side w/ the other. On the Deployment server- This is different: you need that new FOUNDATION to build a full package for DV. You'll FLIP/FLOP several folders. (RENAME) for the foundation you want to build w/. What else.... On the Client- You'll need to get that like the deployment servers. You can rename the folders (3 or so. System32, Oneworld Client Install, and SYSTEMCOMP (I think), that's all it was on XE. On the LOGIC server, you can run both foundations here as well. They will keep out of each others way. Just rememver the JDe.INI values for PORT on the clients and servers. It's been many years now, so I'm thinking about this as I go. On the JAS systwems, you'll need to install a JAS w/ the same foundation level. You say the i5 is a DB box... but does it run ANY foundation? Or it is truly a DB only? Hope this helps in some way. JJ