8.12 Payroll Year End - 2014 Support Updates


We are currently running E1 8.12 (in the process of upgrading to 9.1 upgrade 2).
8.12 support ended earlier this year.

We have a Canadian & US Payroll Year end coming up, however, Oracle will not provide updates unless you pay a ridiculous fee.
(Yet, XE was suppored and provided updates for how long?)

I'm curious if anyone has a solution to getting the 8.12 payroll & tax updates for year end or if you are in the same situation we are?
What are my choices (other than paying a RIDICULOUS fee from Oracle)?

We are in the same boat.
Probably going to load 8.12 year -end data into our 9.1 test environment and generate the W-2'w and 1099's.
We are facing the same situation as well and the associated cost for Oracle solution is unreasonable...Well we could try the 9.1 test environment as mentioned. However, I am interested to know if someone is tackling this any other way.