64 bit/32 bit error installing E1Local for a new Development Client Install


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We are on E1 9.0, tools

I am trying to install a E1 Development Client on a new laptop that is Windows 7 - 64 Bit. From the laptop we need to install it on, we are running the executable OEESetup.exe from the JDEDEPLOY server. We are getting an Oracle Database install error that says.

Did not install the database!!!
The database you are trying to install is 32 bit, but you are running on a 64bit version of Windows. This configuration is not supported.

We believe the OEESetup.exe we are running is a 64 bit version. It resides in a folder called \\jdedeploy\E900\OneWorld Client Install\ThirdParty\E1Local_OEE_11g_64_bit. However, when we run it from the new laptop, we are getting the error above.

I have opened a ticket with Oracle and also asked them if they can provide me with the 64 bit OEESetup. Then we will try again with the install.

Anyone else run into 64 bit / 32 bit install issues when installing a Dev Client?


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In the Oracle document I have, there is no mention that I see of a separate install of the Oracle 11g Client. The first step regarding the database for the dev client is to perform an install of the E1Local database using OEESetup.exe.

See the attached document at 5.1


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See the attached document for the Oracle instructions for installing an E1 Development Client.


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Section 5.3 in the document you just attached states plainly :

8. If both of the following are true, you will need to also install a 32-bit Oracle database client:
■ The Windows operating system on your machine is 64 bits, and
■ The OEE database that you just installed is 64 bits.​

Steps 9 through 10 then provide information on synchronizing the tnsnames.ora between the 32bit Oracle Client and the 64bit OEE installed, and also ensuring that you update your path correctly.

There are other EnterpriseOne Standalone/Development client installation documents and youtube videos out there. All show that a 32bit Oracle Client must be installed prior to installing the OEE. It is also listed in the Certifications (minimum technical requirements) for a Development client.
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Thanks for the input, Jon. I'll be reviewing the other documentation and youtube videos you are referring to. Thanks.


Hi Jimmymac,

I setup 7 Windows Seven 64 bits Fat client

The pre-requisites is to install the Oracle 32 bits clients

We use JDE 9.2 Tools Release, and my Oracle Database / Client are version versions

1. Client 12
2. Oracle E1Local DB from the deployment Server
3. JDE Fat Client


As a workaround can you try to execute the E1Local installer shipped with the Deployment Server Installation package and then install your full package from Oneworld Client Install from the Deployment server's share?

However you should be able to execute and install a 32-bit application on 64-bit Operating system.(Ex. is our 32.bit Oracle Database client)