4210 not splitting lines


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We are having a problem with the P4210 not splitting
lines when partial Qty is available.

If there are 5 of product (A) available and you put in
a order for 10 and have backorder/cancel set to
preform at SOE all 10 go on back order even though
customer information allow backorder & partials. I
would think it would split the order line.

I have not found a SAR on this
and JDE's response is more than slow due to focus
can anyone assist.

Have you looked at ESU JD10383 yet? It is a pretty big ESU (I know that can be scarry). I can email you the HTML file that has all the SARS in it. You may have to scan over the descriptions, and determine if their is a SAR in their addressing your problem. The entire SAR revolves around P4210, and some other objects.

Kevin Benjamin
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Hi Don!

P4210 is not supposed to split the lines. The lines will be split when you run pickslip (R42520) if the hardcommit processing option is set, or when you ship confirm the lines (P4205)


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