41F 41V - Apparel Management and Product Variants


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Hi List,

I work for a supply chain company and one of the E1 gripes from an end user perspective is the time it takes to completely add new items onto our system.
The Item, Item Branch, BOM, UOMs SDB, XREF etc

Iphone5 cover in white
Iphone5 cover in blue
etc etc

Am I right in thinking this is why system code 41F 41V exists in E1? All the PWCnn Style applications. Apparel Management and Product Variants.

Does anyone use this module and is it sufficient and configurable enough for your needs.

Does it help with SDB, XREF, UOMs, Item extensions, Supplier Catalogues, Prices etc?




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haven't used the $1F / 41V etc stuff here.

We have done a fair amount of work to streamline the part add process in P4101, P41026, etc.
We've also created our own Item / BOM Import processes to automatically create Item data and BOMs from external data sources (primarily CAD systems).
That's done a lot to speed up the item definition process here (I sometimes think that we manufacture more item numbers then anything else).

Net, net I'm saying that your organization may want to invest in a similar effort if the Item Definition Process is a substantial bottleneck in the Supply Chain process.


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Cheers Larry. I may very well end up having to develop something as we have a few custom item extension tables that 41V/F obviously won't touch. But I'd rather just develop something to address that part only rather than a full blown system from scratch.

From what I've read 41V/F look brilliant (rapid cloning of various trousers for example, whereby the variables are leg, waist) So I was hoping to adopt the same principles for extra attributes by using this base module.
I just don't know anyone who's used it yet